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A child's participation in Rainbow Station Early Education Centre quality early childhood education program assists in laying the foundation for their future success in learning and life.

The national early learning framework for children from birth to six years has been developed to ensure your child receives quality education programs in their early childhood setting. This is the most vital time for children's brain development and is crutial time The framework's vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life

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The Early Years Learning Framework describes a vision of children's learning characterised by:
  • Belonging: We recognises that knowing where and with whom you belong is integral to human existence, providing a basis for children's interdependence and relationships with others.
  • Being: We recognise and value the "here and now" in children's lives, and view childhood as more than simply preparation for adulthood or for the future.
  • Becoming: We recognise the rapid and significant learning and development that occurs in the early years, and the capability and potential of all children.
Educators program for children using the five learning and development areas described by the guidelines:
  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of well-being
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

The Early Years Learning Framework focuses on children from birth to six years and is the bases of how we ensure that your child receives a high quality educational program here at Rainbow Station Early Education Centre.

For more information on the framework around which are programs are based, visit:

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