Our Philosophy

Rainbow Station Early Education Centre acknowledges the land of the Bunjalung Nation. We promise to look after the plants, the animals and the people who meet on this land. We also extend this acknowledgement to elders past, present and emerging. We believe children growing up on this land, should be educated on the history, the culture and respect of the Bunjalung Country.

As early childhood professionals, we know that each child is unique in the different ways they learn, grow and develop. We vow to create an environment that is of equal opportunity for all. Giving learners of kinaesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, mathematical, linguistic, auditory and spatial the tools they need to thrive at our service.

Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds; therefore we work in consultation with Much and Move Australia. Creating healthy and nutritious meals and recipes, that your child’s growing body and brain will nourish on. Educators and children combined are involved in this process, by growing, picking, and learning about the different types of food to fuel our bodies.

In addition, Rainbow Station promotes active, healthy and physical lifestyles using the Fundamental Movement skills for each age groups physical development. This is supported through everyday routines allowing for a range of both indoor and outdoor play, with planned physical activity experiences.

Our service takes on the approach of an emergent, child lead program. Each program is a learning journey that is emergent from children’s current interests. This allows children to not only taste the program, but feast on the program that is enriched with each child’s voice and documentation throughout the ongoing program journey. Our programs are developed in consultation with each stakeholder of the service, community, and extended professionals both within and outside our community.

Relationships are extremely important to us. From the moment you enter our space you should feel like you are valued, and your voice is heard. We believe that families are the primary caregivers and teachers of their child. So, we want to learn from you, and consult our ideas and practices with you. Your input should be evident throughout your child’s journey at Rainbow Station.

Critical reflection guides us, not only in our practices, but within our policies and procedures. Each stakeholder involved within our service is encouraged and invited to reflect upon our services operations and its fluency.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family, and cannot wait to watch you grow and develop with us.